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Providing Safe and Reliable Drinking Water and Safe Disposal of Wastewater to the Community of Santa Nella

Running Water

To Start Services

• Owners must present proof of ownership, such as a Grant Deed or some type of mortgage document, and the Applicant must be named in the document.

• Renters or Tenants must present Rental Agreement or Lease, and Applicant must be named in the document.

• All Applicants must present a valid identification.

• All Applicants must pay a refundable deposit. Deposit amounts vary based on where the service will be provided.

• Residential Homes • $175.00
• Mobile Homes • $145.00

• All Applicants must sign up for services in person. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:15am to 3:30pm.

Copy and Fax Service Available!

It is the desire of the District to provide copy and fax service to the community of Santa Nella for the convenience of customers. Services will be available during normal business hours.

Copies   $0.50 per page
Fax-Send $1.00 per page
Fax-Receive $1.50 per page